Outsourced Hosting.

Almost all hosting companies should have support. However sometimes it is not so convenient and cost efficient to deal with a lot of usual questions and enquiries instead of concentrating on increasing company revenue. Outsourced hosting support team will handle your support service at high quality level for appropriate price leaving more resources to develop your business. With cultural similarity, high level of technical education, language proficiency as well as experience in developing and maintaining such projects, your requirements will be met in an effective way.

At 24x7ServerSupport, we help companies take a people-critical view to delivering Outsourced services. Through this approach, our clients realize major improvements in service delivery and business impact, including improved productivity, simplified management of the computing environment, and optimized infrastructure. We specialize in server security, server management, Level-1,2,3 issue fixes before the users realize they are happening. Our focus is to help organizations achieve their business objectives through their most important asset, their people. We have created below 3 packages to achieve the goal for our clients.

Startup Hosting Support

Affordable, low cost, designed for new hosting business with Single VPS or Dedicated server.

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Semi-Dedicated Hosting Support

Team is shared between two clients, Advantages of Dedicated Team.

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Dedicated Hosting Support

Your own Dedicated team, handling all your server issues and your helpdesk.

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