June 23, 2019

How do I choose which kernel to boot on CloudLinux 7?

CloudLinux 7 brings GRUB2 with the totally new scheme of booting the kernels, the old edit file is not applicable anymore. The correct way to boot […]
June 23, 2019

How to Change Your IP Address From the Command Line in Linux

This trick should work on all Debian-based Linux distros, including Ubuntu. To get started, type ifconfig at the terminal prompt, and then hit Enter. This command lists all […]
June 23, 2019

How to manually install magic spam in plesk

First we have to download magicspam from there website. Unzip it with WinRar or some other ZIP extractor. Open meta.xml with text editor and find <plesk_min_version>17.9.0</plesk_min_version> […]
June 23, 2019

How to install Let’s Encrypt on CentOS 7 with Nginx

We have seen How to install Let’s Encrypt on CentOS 7 with Apache . Now we will see How to install Let’s Encrypt on CentOS 7 […]
June 23, 2019

How to install Let’s Encrypt on CentOS 7 with Apache

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group […]
June 23, 2019

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL on Hostname in cPanel/WHM Server

The Let’s Encrypt allows you to install AutoSSL for the hostname. Here are the steps to install the same on hostname. Install Let’s Encrypt Auto SSL […]
June 22, 2019

How to Add a New User in cPanel

You can use cPanel’s User Manager tool to create additional user accounts for e-mail, FTP or Web Disk services.  You can follow below steps to add new User: […]
June 16, 2019

Plesk update and APS application installation fail: No ODBC MySQL mysql drivers found, trying /usr/lib64/libmyodbc5a.so

Connect to the server using SSH. Downgrade the package mysql-connector-odbc: yum downgrade mysql-connector-odbc-8.0.11-1.el6 Add the following line to the file /etc/yum.repos.d/mysql-community.repo under the section [mysql-connectors-community] to exclude these packages from regular […]
June 16, 2019

How to access Plesk after manual installation on Amazon Lightsail?

Connect to the Lightsail instance via SSH Once logged in, launch the following command: sudo plesk login Copy URL produced by the command and open it […]