March 10, 2021

How To Add User To Sudoers & Add User To Sudo Group On CentOS 7

Step 1: Login as Administrator If you’re working on a local machine, log in to the system with administrator credentials. If you’re connecting to a remote […]
May 1, 2020

Let’s Encrypt SSL on Debian 9 with Apache web server

Prerequisites SSH with root access or sudo user access to Debian 9 server The Apache web server with properly a domain and vhost configured Step 1: Installing […]
April 23, 2020

Setting up DA with an SSL certificate

You can switch DirectAdmin to use SSL instead of plain text. -> https instead of http on port 2222. Creating a Self-Signed Certificate If you do […]
April 15, 2020

The Must Follow Rules For Flawless IT Security Setups

It is the responsibility of a business owner to ensure the security of the digital heritage of his company, since his civil or criminal liability may be engaged […]
April 10, 2020

How To Convert All HTTP Requests To HTTPS Requests – Simple Guide For All

When we are interested in the truly technological aspects of the web, it is often because we encounter a problem. We do not always pay attention […]
March 6, 2020

Why should developers all do security challenges?

1 – Increase your skills in secure development As you can imagine, one of the first benefits is going to be the improvement or even the acquisition […]
March 5, 2020

Things To Do When You Are The Victim Of Ransomware

What is ransomware already? Far be it from me to provide you with a complete and complex definition like Wikipedia does so well . In summary, a ransomware will make the […]
February 29, 2020

Expert Tips to Protect Your Website from Hacking

Securing a site is not necessarily within everyone’s reach, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a programmer or computer scientist to get there. […]
February 26, 2020

4 Reasons To Make Your Clients Aware Of Cyber Security

We will today insist on why raising awareness is very good , but that it is just as vital as you are trying to raise awareness around you . And for some who […]