The cPanel new version v66 introduces a new feature that we can configure server backup to Google Drive. Let’s see how to get this configured.

Firstly, update the cPanel to latest version using command

# /scripts/upcp

The Google Drive provides 15GB of disk using which you can store your account backups on Cloud-based storage.

  • Login to the WHM using root user
  • Go to Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration >> click on tab “Additional Destinations”
  • Select Google Drive from drop-down

  • Then click ‘Create new destination’.
  • Enter your destination name.
  • Enter the desired folder where you wish to store backups.
  • Enter your client ID and client secret
  • Click ‘Generate Credentials’ to generate the credentials file. A new tab will appear for you to authorize access to your Google Drive data.
  • Enter your desired Timeout duration.
  • Click the button ‘Save Destination’.

Configure rest other settings in Backup Configuration with Destination as Google Drive.