How to install/remove Plesk additional components (like PHP, Spam Assassin, Fail2Ban, etc.)?

Note: not all components can be uninstalled.
Note: TCP port 8447 should be opened on the server.

From Plesk panel

Login to Plesk Panel

Go to Plesk > Tools & Settings > Updates and Upgrades > Add/Remove components:

Select the required components for the installation/removing by clicking on the drop down arrow in front of the desired component and clicking the Install/Remove button

Click the Continue button to install/remove Plesk additional components.

From command line in Linux

Login to the server using SSH

Launch Plesk Installer:

#  plesk installer 

Follow instructions on the screen.

From command line in Windows

Connect to the server using RDP

Open command prompt with administrator privileges

Launch Plesk Installer in the console:

C:\> plesk installer --console

Follow instructions on the screen.