VMware Cloud

VMware Cloud

In very simple words the Solus VM is Virtual Server Manager which specifically deals with Virtualization Technologies and Management. The SolusVM server Management service includes Managing the Hardware Node, Server Log Monitoring, Basic Server Security, VPS Technologies like Openvz/Xen PV/KVM, SolusVM VPS Migration, Backup Restoration and many more.

The 24×7 Server Support Specifically Provides SolusVM, Openvz/Xen/KVM Virtualization Support Services with end solutions and managed support solutions. The complete server management for the Openvz/Xen PV/KVM is hosted on dedicated server or VPS.

We take all the risk to manage the server at any point of time with no compromise of delay in time. Our system administrators are available 24×7 – 365 days. We do offer best technical support via ticket . You can also contact us at contact@24x7serversupport.com


Core Server Management

  • VMware vSphere ESXi
  • VMware vCenter Server Management
  • Installation/ Configuration VMware vSphere 4, 5 Hypervisor and Complete Management
  • VMware Systems Management (Esxi)
  • vSphere vCLI Command Line Management and Administration
  • Installing VMware vSphere Client
  • Basic VMware Management (Creating new Virtual Machines)
  • Installing VMware Tools
  • VM Configuration and Management Support
  • Systems Management and Backup Support
  • VM Migration Support
  • Logging Analysis and Monitoring
  • Systems Upgrade

Support Features

  • Unlimited Admin Work
  • Within 1 Hour Response Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
  • Within 28 Hour Resolution Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
  • VMware vSphere Certified Technicians
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Additional Clustered Server will be Charged $50/Month